International Food Day – Sushi, Spanish Omelette, Swiss Chocolate and more!

When you find Japanese students swinging their knives and preparing delicious Sushi in a classroom it can only mean it’s International Food Day! Last Friday everyone in the school brought in a traditional home cooked dish from their country for the rest of the school to try. What a great opportunity to taste different types of food and get to know other cultures! Between fighting for delicious sausages made with curry sauce and the last piece of cake students and teachers had a great laugh and a chat outside of the classroom. The students spared no effort in preparing a huge variety of fresh home cooked food, which included sushi, pizza, olives, pasta, bruschetta, curry rice, spanish omelette, arabic candies, cakes, cookies, swiss chocolate and so much more! I am already looking forward to the next International Food Day!

-Anna, Intern, BSC Oxford

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