My Experience At BSC Oxford By Japanese Student, Yukiko

Hi!! My name is Yukiko and I’m from Japan. I like to study English and love Oxford. This is my sixth time returning to study English at BSC Oxford. When I came here the first time, I was a student of university. I studied English here for 3 weeks and it was fantastic!! That’s why I came back here even though I have a job in Japan and it’s difficult for me to take long holidays. I always use my short holidays to come back here to enjoy myself. If you want to study English and are searching where you should go, I highly recommend here, BSC Oxford. You can feel happy anytime and everywhere like me.

The school is located in the centre of Oxford. This city has a beautiful nature and lots of historical things. Not only that but there are also various shops around school. In the night, there are many nightclubs, pubs and bars. You never feel bored. When you want to go for a short trip, you just go to the coach station which is near the school. The transport systems are convenient. If you want to go to London, you just get on a coach. It takes about 1 hour and an amazing thing is you can get on it every 15 minute.

And also the accommodations are perfect. I chose to stay with a host family. It was fantastic and I had a lovely time. They accept me that I’m a part of their family. You can communicate with them, and realise that your English skills are improved naturally.

I think BSC is a really good place to study English. All teachers are very experienced. Class is useful. Sometimes, you can learn English skills by playing games. You can have fun and improve your skills at the same time!! During class, you can feel free to ask a question whenever you need. Your teacher will help and support you to understand.

A class is made from different nationalities which means you have to use English. It’s very helpful to improve your English skills. But don’t worry about it. A class unifies students’ English level. Or you can join various social activities organised by the school every day. On the weekend, there are short trips as well.

Now, I can stay here just for 10 days because of my job. But, thanks to the support of the school staff, I can learn a lot of things at school, in the house, and everywhere. I want to say thank you to them for their very kind support and to the teachers who gave me study advice. They are so friendly, helpful and full of hospitality. It’s unforgettable.

If you want to have an unforgettable, fantastic experience, join us!!!

– Yukiko, Student at Britsh Study Centres Oxford

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