Italian Student Fabio On Studying And Working In London

Hello! My name is Fabio and I have studied at British Study Centres London for three months. After deciding to study and work abroad I left my work and went with the objective to improve and strengthen my knowledge of the English language in a business context through an internship organised by the school.

BSC is situated in central London: it is modern and functional, with trained teachers, engaging and very helpful staff, the result of which is in an ideal environment for learning the language rapidly.

For example, the class is formed of students of diverse nationalities, and the need to speak English amongst ourselves certainly contributes to improving our conversation. In addition, the fact that there are afternoon classes two days a week allows me to spend my spare time on “social activities”, a series of activities organised by the school to help the students socialise and get to know the city.

The experience at school has been of great value, educationally and and culturally, while the work has allowed me to apply my skills in a foreign context, proving very stimulating: it has allowed me to actually use the language, to learn technical language from native speakers, and last but not least, to learn a new type of work.

I stayed in a family that made me feel at home and gave me the opportunity to converse in English every day from the first day and to taste special English dishes.

In short, it is an experience that I recommend to everyone: live in a cosmopolitan place like London, meet people from all over the world and have a myriad of recreational opportunities that accompany the lessons – it is something unique and indescribable, that must be experienced.

-Fabio, Student at British Study Centres London

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