New Video – Blind Date Activity

This was a fun way to practise English! Blind Date, as you might have guessed, involves two people who have never met each other going out on a date together. This activity was modelled on the famous (in Britain) television game show where a woman or a man can ask a series of questions to three people of the opposite sex, who are hidden from view, using the answers to decide with whom he or she wants to go out with on a date. After they have made their choice the three are revealed. In the original show, which was cancelled, the lucky couple would usually go on holiday somewhere around the UK or the rest of the world; our contestants would have to be content with a £30 meal at Carlucccio’s! We filmed this activity which was organised by Will, your social organiser, doing a very good impression of the original show – have a look! And do let us know in the comments if you want to see the second half where it’s three women’s chance to be ‘chosen’ by a man.


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