Competition To Practise English

As it was the final day of school for 2012, BSC Bournemouth decided to turn today into something of a party – or should I say we gave students an opportunity to practise their English in a more relaxed environment! The students were split into teams of 3 or 4 from different nationalities and levels, and were given a set of tasks to complete, either in the school or in the town centre. The challenge was to take a photograph of each item on the list then to race back to the school in the fastest possible time. The winning team would be given a prize once the photographs were checked.

The tasks were a real mixture including going in the sea and finding Roland (the School Director!) doing the MoBot!!! All the staff expected the teams to come back after about an hour, but after 30 minutes there were some very sweaty bodies already back at school waiting to show the evidence!

Once the winning team was announced, there was a little party with cake provided and some great photos of everyone who took part. It was a really great day and one way to finish the term that none of the students expected! Have a look at some of the photos below from the winning team – Cristian (Colombia), Isa (Spain), Moon (South Korea) and Jana (Czech Rep.).

Thank you to everyone who gave their all!!!

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