If You're Going To Be In London Don't Miss It…

The Emirates Air Line has got to be one of the best new tourist attractions you canfind anywhere. Although they call it an “Air line” you actually take a cable car (otherwise known as a gondola lift) over the River Thames in an area in the east of London. There are a few places with fantastic views in London – Primrose Hill, Hampstead Heath, the BT Tower – but none like this! You’re really high up and it gives some amazing views both to the east, where you see the river going out to sea, and to the west looking towards the skyscrapers of the City, Canary Wharf and the buildings of central London. There are a few cable cars in cities around the world – Singapore and Barcelona come to mind – but this one is really spectacular!

While we were there we also visited the Crystal, a buidling which is dedictated to sustainable cities which has just opened and was built by Siemens. Inside there is a huge interactive exhibition where you can learn all about sustainable living in relation to design, living, safety, buildings and so on.

Several students from BSC London went with the social programme last week and everyone loved it! We will be going again! As we came back around sunset south London looked really beautiful bathed in golden sunshine.

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