Weird Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

women wearing a blue shirt preparing for a job interview with laptop and notepad

No matter what job you interview for, there will always be some questions you can guarantee will be asked. You should always go into an interview prepared to talk about your strengths and weaknesses, a time in your life you … Continue reading

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The Best Podcasts for Learning English

The word podcast with headphones, next to a plant, notebook and cup of coffeee

Podcasts are a great way to learn English on the go! Pick up new vocabulary on your commute or practice your English listening skills at the gym, you can listen to podcasts wherever you are, and even better, most of … Continue reading

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The Best Christmas Markets in the UK & Ireland

Two women browsing a stall at a Christmas market

At BSC, we are lucky enough to share our school locations with some of the best Christmas Markets in the UK and Ireland! The perfect place to practice your English, and feel festive, read on to discover our favourite Christmas … Continue reading

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The Best Halal Restaurants in Brighton

selection of meze foods in colourful bowls

Brighton may not be the UK’s biggest city, but it certainly packs a whole load of restaurants into its small size. Check out this list of our favourite halal restaurants in the city to help you decide where to eat … Continue reading

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10 Scottish Foods you Simply Have to Try

Scottish fry-up with eggs beans has browns sausages and black pudding

If you’re travelling to Scotland for the first time, you might not know much about the country’s food culture (aside from the famous haggis, of course). But, Scotland is home to an incredible range of traditional dishes and peculiar delicacies … Continue reading

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Lead 5050: Nadia Falou

Black and white picture of Nadia with quote "I would love to live in a world where everyone is treated equally. I think this is what attracts me to working in a language school – it’s a place where everyone is welcome and treated with equal respect."

BSC is providing an opportunity for colleagues from across our business to be part of Lead5050, a leading organisation empowering women in education. We’re speaking to members of the BSC team about why joining Lead 5050 is so important to … Continue reading

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