10 Free Things to Do in Brighton

blue, yellow and pink beach huts on Brighton and Hove beach

With an incredible range of bars, restaurants and cultural activities to do, it’s not surprising Brighton is known as ‘London by the Sea.’ Just like London, though, the city of Brighton can also be pretty pricey. Whether you’re a student … Continue reading

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How to Improve your Public Speaking

selective focus picture of microphone

Ever watched a good public speaker? What is it that makes them a good speaker? Do they seem nervous? Anxious? Unsure of themselves? Of course not! That’s what makes them good public speakers. They seem relaxed and comfortable. So the … Continue reading

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How to Write a CV for a Job in the UK

selective focus picture with white man writing CV

Without a doubt, a CV is the most important part of your job hunt. Although the job interview is obviously extremely important too, you will never get to that stage if your CV is not up to scratch. Your CV is … Continue reading

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Free Things to Do in Manchester

Exterior of the Lowry Museum Manchester

It is well known that “Manchester has got everything, except a beach,” so there is an infinite number of things you can do in our city. However, some attractions can be very expensive and we all know that student life … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for your CELTA course

So you’ve made the decision to take a CELTA course. Well done.  Not only have you considerably increased your chances of finding a teaching job anywhere in the world, but you’ll feel prepared and ready to take on your teaching … Continue reading

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Lead 5050: Lise Leroux

Black and white photo of Lise with quote I am proud to be helping to enhance the culture of BSC, which will make us not only successful as a company but a great place to work.

BSC is providing an opportunity for colleagues from across our business to be part of Lead5050, a leading organisation empowering women in education. We’re speaking to members of the BSC team about why joining Lead 5050 is so important to them. … Continue reading

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