Job Club at British Study Centres

The Job Club is a free service aiming to help students who are looking for a job in order to develop their English skills and to earn a little in order to support themselves while in the UK.

Looking for a Job in the UK?

At British Study Centres we are aware of our students' needs and we want all students to make the most of their time with us. We understand that students should always prioritise their English studies, however we believe that a part-time job is perfectly compatible with studying at school, as long as the job hours fall outside normal class times.

Needless to say, the better your English, the better your chances. However, no matter your level of English we can help find the right place for you!

We Can Help You
to Succeed!

The Job Club meets every other week.

Good tips and advice: based on our experience we know what is needed to succeed. What to do to open bank account or to obtain your National Insurance number.

We provide CV guidance: a member of our school team can check your CV so you feel confident when applying for a job.

Job hunting guidance: where to find jobs and how to get ready for your interview.