General English Plus TOEIC or TOEFL Preparation

Our TOEIC and TOEFL courses are designed to both improve your overall fluency and focus on perfecting your examination skills.

The programmes have weekly start dates and include a combination of 20 lessons of General English and either 2 private exam preparation lessons per week throughout the year or 5 lessons per week in mini-groups in summer.

General English Plus One-to-One TOEFL or TOEIC Preparation

Course description: A combination of 20 lessons of General English and 2 one-to-one lessons per week in which you can focus on exam practice techniques with your teacher.

09:15-12:00, Mon-Fri


14:20-16:40, Mon-Tue or Wed-Thu

Two afternoon sessions per week of one of the following:

  Speaking & Listening

  Grammar & Writing


  Exam Writing Skills

  Business English

Private lessons

The 2 one-to-one lessons usually take place in the afternoon. Individual lessons last 60 minutes.

Available in London, Oxford, Brighton
Course code TOEFL22, TOEIC22
Lessons per week 22
Hours per week 18.6
Start dates Any Monday (September-June in London & Oxford, year-round in Brighton)
Course duration 2-48 weeks
Minimum level Intermediate (B1)
Exam price (not included) TOEFL: £135, TOEIC: £100


General English Plus TOEFL or TOEIC Summer Preparation in Mini-Groups

Course description: This course is available in summer in London and Oxford and consists of 20 lessons of General English and 5 lessons of TOEIC or TOEFL Preparation in mini-groups (max. 6 students).

09:15-12:00, Mon-Fri


12:20-13:10, Mon-Fri

  Speaking & Listening

Mini-group lessons

5 mini-group lessons take place on two afternoons and are designed to focus on exam practice techniques.

Available in London, Oxford
Course code TOEFL25, TOEIC25
Lessons per week 25
Hours per week 20.8
Start dates Any Monday in July-August
Course duration 2-9 weeks
Minimum level Intermediate (B1)
Exam price (not included) TOEFL: £135, TOEIC: £100


Please Note

Please note that TOEFL and TOEIC PBT (Paper Based Test) are not currently offered in the UK. However, both tests are offered in many other countries. To find out more or book the tests, please visit:

Pre-Arrival Online Courses

Maximise your chances of getting better exam results by taking our specialist online lessons prior to your course at the school.

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