IELTS Preparation Courses

IELTS is an increasingly popular exam taken by students who plan to study at university in the UK, either for a first degree or a Master's. We offer a bespoke course which helps you prepare for the exam.

Course description: A combination of 15 lessons of specialist IELTS preparation and 5 lessons of Speaking & Listening. For an intensive course, add 5 or 10 extra lessons per week of afternoon options.

09:15-12:00, Mon-Fri

  Specialist IELTS Preparation

The work done in class is based around a specialist IELTS coursebook and supplementary material is also used, particularly from authentic sources such as newspapers. The syllabus includes a range of topics which are relevant to the test. On this course you will study the four skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening – as they relate to the academic IELTS test, as well as specific task types necessary to do well in the test.

12:20-13:10, Mon-Fri

  Speaking & Listening

14:20-16:40, two or four afternoon sessions per week

Options can be added to the IELTS course too: lots of students take extra afternoon lessons in the following:

  Grammar & Writing


  Exam Writing Skills

Available in London, Oxford, Brighton
Course code IE20, IE25, IE30
Lessons per week 20, 25, 30
Lesson duration 50 minutes
Start dates Any Monday
Course duration 2-48 weeks
Minimum level Intermediate (B1)
Class size Average 11, maximum 14
Exam price (not included) £170


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