English Prime

Starting on the first Monday of every month in three of our iconic locations, this two week course is perfect for the discerning and culturally-curious student.

Improve your English by immersing yourself in the city’s museums, architecture and arts scene with students of similar interests.

English Prime

In a maximum class size of eight, 20 lessons of General English are complemented by four afternoon excursions led by an experienced teacher with local knowledge.

There are also two evening meals a week included for you to discuss the week’s activities with your peers, putting your English into practice socially.

Available in London, Oxford, Edinburgh
Start dates 03/02/2020, 02/03/2020, 06/04/2020, 05/05/2020, 01/06/2020, 06/07/2020, 03/08/2020, 07/09/2020, 05/10/2020, 02/11/2020, 07/12/2020
Course duration 2 weeks
Class size 8
Minimum level Intermediate (B1)