General English Plus Business English Course

This practical course is designed to both improve your level of English and widen your knowledge of specific vocabulary in a work context and business situations.

The business English component covers but is not limited to meetings, negotiations, advertising, marketing, presentations, business communication, decision making and many other topics.

Course description: This course consists of 20 or 25 lessons of General English and 5 lessons per week of specialised Business English in the afternoon.

09:15-12:00, Mon-Fri


12:20-13:10, Mon-Fri

  Speaking & Listening

14:20-16:40, 2 afternoons a week

  Business English

Available in London Central
London Hampstead
Course codes B25, B30
Lessons per week 25, 30
Lesson duration 50 minutes
Start dates Any Monday
Course duration 1-48 weeks
Minimum level Intermediate (B1)
Class size Average 11, maximum 14


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