Official Accreditations

Accredited by the British Council

Accredited by the British Council

British Study Centres is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English as a foreign language. The British Council inspection scheme is widely regarded as the most rigorous and thorough scheme in the world.

To obtain accreditation schools must comply with the strict regulations laid down by the British Council with respect to management, teacher qualifications, school facilities, health and safety, teaching quality, administration, student services, accommodation, publicity materials and welfare. We are inspected regularly by the British Council.

  • British Study Centres London was last inspected in May 2012.
  • British Study Centres Oxford was last inspected in April 2013.
  • British Study Centres Brighton was last inspected in August 2015.

At each of the above inspections the schools satisfied the inspectors and met the standards of the inspection scheme. We are listed as accredited schools on the British Council website.

Member of English UK

Member of English UK

British Study Centres is an active member of English UK, the national association of accredited English language centres.

We are listed as a member on the English UK website.

For students, enrolling at an English UK centre is a guarantee of high teaching quality and is the best way to ensure that you have a good experience in the UK and get the most out of your English language course.

English UK is the world's leading language teaching association and your guarantee of high quality and good service. Students can appeal to English UK if they are dissatisfied with the way a centre deals with a complaint. See Student Complaints Procedure for more information.

The British Council Publishable Statements

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