Greenwich – The Place Where Time Begins

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Visit the place where time begins, take a boat trip down the River Thames and get a fantastic view of London all in one afternoon.. that’s what we get up to on our Greenwich boat trip!

Greenwich is the location of the Prime Meridian, known as ‘the place where time begins’ where longitude is defined to be zero degrees – everyone is straddling the actual line in one of the pictures. Also in the same spot there is the Greenwich Maritime museum, which covers stories of discovery and adventure at sea, and the Greenwich Observatory and Museum. To get there we took a boat along the River Thames from Westminster, passing under Tower Bridge and past many of London’s famous sights. The highlight of the trip for me is the fantastic view near the Observatory in Greenwich Park over London – check out the pictures! You’d be hard pressed to find a more fun trip in London than this, and once you return home you can always say you’ve stood at the place where time begins!


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