Trip To Tower Bridge

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Tower Bridge is a must-see in London as it is the iconic symbol of the city and one of the two or three most famous bridges in the world -- so we often go on our social programme. The entry price is lower when visiting with the school as well. This time as usual everyone really enjoyed taking photos with the bridge in the background, and many people said how beautiful it is. Surprisingly, many people believe Tower Bridge is called London Bridge, which is probably due to it being so well known as the symbol of London. But, in fact, London Bridge is the next bridge upstream. In the Tower Bridge Exhibition inside you can even access the high level walkways at the top, which give fantastic views over London (as you can see from the pictures)! To find out what sights we’ll be visiting in the next couple of weeks have a look at our social programme. A couple that really stand out are the Tower of London on the 25th, and a sightseeing boat trip along the River Thames on the 31st. Besides visiting the famous sights and attractions, as well as some fantastic lesser known ones, you will find lots of cultural, sporting and social activities on our social programme -- it’s the perfect way to have fun and practise speaking English at the same time.


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