IELTS Preparation Courses

15 lessons of specialist IELTS preparation plus 5, 10 or 15 lessons per week of the following afternoon options: Speaking & Listening, Grammar & Writing and/or Wordpower.

IELTS Course Contents

09:15-12:05: During the first three lessons of the day the work done in class is based around a specialist IELTS coursebook and supplementary material is also used, particularly from authentic sources such as newspapers. The syllabus includes a range of topics which are relevant to the test. On this course you will study the four skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening - as they relate to the academic IELTS test, as well as specific task types necessary to do well in the test.

Afternoon Lessons: Options can be added to the IELTS course too: lots of students take extra Speaking & Listening, Grammar & Writing and/or Wordpower lessons. For more information please see afternoon options.

IELTS Pre-Test

If you decide to take an IELTS preparation course, we will send you an entry test to decide if you have the appropriate level to join the course. Please contact us for more details.

How to Book the IELTS Exam

British Study Centres is not a test centre and only provides IELTS preparation courses. The exam itself can be taken at a separate test centre in London, Oxford, Brighton or Bournemouth. We are happy to advise the students on where to take the exam and help with filling out the IELTS application form, but students need to book and pay the exam centre directly.

The exam usually needs to be booked at least 1 month in advance. Please note the exam centres are very busy in the summer period so it is advisable to book as early as possible.

For more information about the test, please see the official IELTS website.

Course Summary
Course code IE20, IE25, IE30
Available in London, Oxford, Brighton, Bournemouth
Start dates Any Monday
Course duration 2-48 weeks
Minimum level Upper-Intermediate
Class size Average 11, maximum 14
Lessons per week 20, 25, 30
Lesson duration 50 minutes
Exam price (not included) Approx. £160

Pre-Arrival Online IELTS Courses

Maximise your chances of getting better IELTS test results by taking specialist online lessons prior to your course at the school.